Formed in 2007, the Rise Projects group is a leading, construction, building and consulting company across Queensland and New South Wales. With the ability to deliver end to end projects, we pride ourselves on our building, construction and consulting excellence in Property Investment, Development Management, Construction and Sales & Marketing.

"Delivering efficiency, quality and innovation by disrupting the way the property industry thinks & works!"


  • Openness/Transparency

    Our attitude in everything we do involves always communicating clearly, being candid, and facing facts as they really are.

  • Honesty and Respect

    We trust each other implicitly, we are loyal to one another and we value our own integrity.

  • Problems = opportunities

    No matter what confronts us, we have a willingness to persist until we uncover the best possible solution. It may be a challenge now, but we will find the opportunity.

  • Quality in everything

    We take responsibility for, and ownership of, our own actions – we are always motivated to choose the quality option to produce the best result in every case.

  • No BS

    With a strong emphasis on efficiency, we take pride in our work and we are always personally accountable. We make every effort to learn from any mistakes.

  • Pushing boundaries

    We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities where we can challenge our own ability and step out of our comfort zone.


Who we are

Rise Projects is a family owned Property Development & Construction company with projects across New South Wales and South-East Queensland. Our heritage is forged in our long-standing, well-regarded service to Queensland’s construction industry. We pride ourselves on our commitment, expertise and integrity in all projects we undertake.

Rise Projects has gained an enviable reputation for delivering high quality, architecturally-designed and sustainable projects in prime locations at realistic prices. Our team of property analysts, take the time to carefully research sought after locations, close to public transport, cafes, schools, medical and shopping facilities.

Our Commitment

We work to future-proof our buildings to be technology-wise and environmentally sustainable, achieving high energy efficiency ratings through clever design and materials.

Sustainable Property Development

Rise Projects pride ourselves on our ability to construct buildings which will be sustainable, adaptable to ever-evolving technologies and admired for years to come. We work with architects on projects, which not only embody sensibilities of the end users but are also responsive both to environmental change and cultural well-being.

Our people represent the best and brightest in their fields, approaching projects with creativity and passion. We’re proud of the success of our team in striving to be industry leaders and it shows in our results, where we continually stand out from the crowd. Consistent peer-recognition through construction and environmental accolades is a testament to our outstanding work. We consistently deliver end-to-end projects of excellence in planning, design, construction and marketing.