Getting to Know Rise Projects Managing Director, Daniel Pszczonka

Getting to Know Rise Projects Managing Director, Daniel Pszczonka

12 January 2021

Starting out his career as a builder and project manager, Daniel Pszczonka has a depth of experience when it comes to construction in Australia. Forming Rise Projects in 2007, Daniel’s made it his mission to lead by example when it comes to property development, ensuring that each finished build is one to be truly proud of, and worthy of investment.

“It comes down to ensuring quality wins over quantity,” said Daniel. “Naturally, we need to operate profitably to continue in business, but we also have a strong reputation to uphold. Recent times have put a spotlight on poor workmanship, unhappy customers, and serious compliance concerns in the building industry, particularly in residential construction. Rise Projects is heavily focused on designing and building without compromise, ensuring our projects stand the test of time and the building occupants enjoy a genuinely beautiful home.”

European craftmanship and style are what drives the Rise Projects team, with a number of both commercial and residential projects currently in progress. “We’re really excited to be amid a boom time, with so much investment in infrastructure, particularly in Western Sydney,” said Daniel. “We have numerous new boutique developments in progress in this area at the moment, which has become a highly sought-after property market thanks to recent announcement of new stations for the Sydney Metro, as well as major road upgrades and of course the new Western Sydney International airport development.

“I think COVID-19 has also changed the way we think about where we want or need to live, with flexible working arrangements opening up more affordable possibilities for new homebuyers. Spending less time commuting and more time enjoying time with family and doing the things you love just makes sense.”

Rise Projects has extensive experience delivering quality, end to end projects, offering building, construction and consulting services. “In construction, we have a big portfolio of commercial, boutique and multi-residential, healthcare and industrial projects which showcases the scale and depth of works we undertake, without losing attention to detail,” added Daniel. “We are also working increasingly with investors hoping to build and lease properties, which might include commercial office space and retail, to factories and warehouses. We assist clients right through from the build phase to the sales and marketing of the finished product. Project management is important and of course, if the quality of the build doesn’t stack up, we couldn’t work with clients on such a close and ongoing basis.

“Ultimately, I find what we do is extremely rewarding. I like to think that every home we build, the whole team would be proud to call their own. That’s what it takes to be around for the long term in today’s building industry. And we’re looking forward to the many hundreds of projects still on the horizon.”

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